Tips and Strategies to Winning Life by Overcoming Adversities

Christmas day may be over but Christ lives on…take the joy of this season to the coming year and stay blessed, positive, joyous, full of life, and optimistic. Believe in the possibilities. Here are a few good ways to approach this coming year.

• Set your goals to achieve peace in your heart no matter what the outside world may look like. Set your goals to achieve greater things no matter what others think of you being, or no matter what they may say to discourage you. Don’t let others dictate who you are or what you are capable of accomplishing. Follow your heart….

• Make this coming year a year to focus on your goals in life. Pursue what makes you happy and fulfilled. Don’t consult your vision with people who never tried anything. If they have never tried anything, all they can give you is tension, frustration, discouragement, and reasons why you shouldn’t try…anything.

• Seek advice if you may, from those who had gone before you and accomplished success in what you desire to do. They are your best mentors because they know what it took to reach to their level.

• Obviously, it is not wise to consult with Doctors about your car problems. You are better off taking that question to car Mechanics. The same way, when you share your vision with your families, friends, and others…be aware that it is as if, you are about to start to consult with the Doctor about your car. Your families and friends may be good at lots of other areas, just not at what you are trying to get answers to…

What may happen in the above case, you walk away with lots of unsure answers that would live you in lots of doubts and what ifs; in what you are planning to accomplish. These people care about you, but they have no knowledge to give you the right answer to the questions that you are asking.

In good intentions though, they may end up giving you a wrong advice; like don’t do it. That is not the best answer but that is their best. If you are not careful, it may stop you from pursuing your dreams. Practice to not just ask anyone about anything, but those who know the subject you’re interested in very well; and has succeeded in that field. The success of your advisor is a real life proof that he/she has done it. They can now teach the process, steps to take, difficulties and challenges to expect, the possibilities and the potential to succeed.

Know who to consult with but more importantly follow your heart by using the guides above. Make year 2011 your best year in every way.

To your success


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