One Person Can Make a Difference

I am thankful that one person can make a difference, a positive difference in this world.

The other day we had the opportunity to vote in the primary elections. I was talking to someone about it and he told me that he did not want to waste his time. He said it was because he believed his vote would not make a difference anyway. Can you imagine if we all felt this way? Every one of us has a voice to be heard and every one of us counts. The attitude that our efforts are unimportant and worthless can transcend into the many other areas of our lives. It will keep us from speaking up because we think no one will listen. It will keep us from giving, because we think it will never be enough anyway. It will keep us from believing, because we will not stretch our faith, try to accomplish great things, or hope for miracles.

This man’s comments made me think about all the people who believed that they could make a difference even if they were the only one to take the steps of faith necessary to accomplish their goals and dreams. I thought about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa, and the countless others we may never know by name. We enjoy their contributions today and are blessed by the fruit of their fortitude. There are nonprofit foundations that are changing lives every single day that began with just one person willing to believe, make sacrifices and take action.

I understand not everyone is called to be a pioneer, world changer, or entrepreneur. But that does not exempt any one of us from doing our part to make a difference right here, right now. I recall what a professional counselor once said: It takes just one caring person to make a difference in the life of a hurting child. I never forgot her words. They are so true. If we ever think for a minute that we have nothing to offer that can make a positive difference in this world, we ought to think again. Our words, time, kindness, love, service, sharing, wise counsel, understanding, hugs can all make a positive difference in someone’s life. I am so thankful that we do not have to wait around for someone else to change the world. We can all do our small part today and make this world a better place.

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved. Written by Krystal Kuehn. New Day Counseling Center

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