Finding Balance Between Crippling Obsession And Just Surviving

As you are reading this I wish you well and hope for the best of success. I am healing some cracked ribs from martial arts and I am working on some business ideas in between sessions.

This is related to something I will share more about in future articles. Friendships, hobbies, interests and a career you enjoy are all part of what most people want in their lives.

So as I am healing and working around this pain ( glad I am good at

pain control hypnosis and shamanic healing ) I

realized something important.

As with everything in life, balance is vital. This is true no matter what profession you are in and no matter who you are or where you are on your path in life.

Being focused is good, as long as you have a well rounded life that is healthy. Being interested in many areas of life is good, as long as you are not too scattered to really take care of your needs and wants.

So at NYC Prime Hypnosis we do our best to help you to find a healthy balance between work and play and living instead of just surviving.

When I was a “date coach” I realized that many guys in the pick up/seduction community were totally focused on going out and finding women to talk to and date. They even created entire vocabularies to describe what they do and this makes it even more weird to people outside of this community.

Many of these men were not really balancing their lives and from my counseling background it seemed less than healthy. It is fine and even a good thing to focus your attention on gaining skills and

experience yet it should be a fun learning process that gives you

what you need. Instead for some it becomes almost an addiction. An unhealthy obsession.

The famous best selling book written about this seduction community goes into how many of these people, including the gurus, got lost in the game. I have always done my best to help clients find their way, instead. Having known and trained with and guest trained for some of these people I have a unique perspective that has helped me to better help my clients.

From my experience I realize what works best is not a cookie cutter approach that is supposed to work for everyone, because everyone is an individual and so requires their own path.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to get rid of the

label “date coach” and help people to focus on overall health and success.

I am glad to help people with their social lives and improve their dating and many who train with

me are more balanced and successful overall, so it is easier for

them to improve their social lives and date the kinds of people they want.

They know more about who they are and what they want and so they have a much clearer outcome in mind, while they live their lives and travel their own paths. They do not allow themselves to be overly distracted or bothered by people, places or things and find themselves better balanced.

So rather than ONLY hunting for dates, they find themselves talking with

people while on line at their local coffee shop or book store or on their way to and from work or

school. They talk with people because they find these people attractive and interesting and not because they are obsessed with improving their act to game people.

They find a way to BE their best self and to be more attractive and

successful with people, without having to give up everything and

everyone else in their lives to do this.

Their frame of mind is much healthier and ironically they have more success

with others because they are not always “on the prowl” or desperate and people can

sense this healthy difference.

On the other end of the spectrum are people who are overwhelmed at

work and feel under paid and under appreciated.

So people have jobs they hate, apartments they cannot stand to go

back to and long travel to and from work. It is as if they have no

life and have virtually no hobbies, few friends and not a lot of

dating potential because they rarely go out at all.

They often have a bunch of unhealthy habits that they have picked up

to help them numb themselves or distract themselves from this

mediocre existence. They deserve so much better!

For these types of clients I do my best to help them handle the addictions or unhealthy

habits and behaviors and to find who they really are and what they want out of life.

For people who feel they may be in this category, it is crucial to focus on the most important

things first. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, making your living place more

enjoyable or finding a new place. Adding to your schooling,

education or experience so that you can get a better job or consider

other options in that field or even switch professions to something

you enjoy more.

Obviously, we need to pay the rent, utilities, expenses, or

mortgage, etc. so work is important.

However, since we spend so much of our time working it should be

something we enjoy or at least can stand to do. And in between work

we can find time to meet people and expand our social circles and

include hobbies and/or improve our professional experience and


Anyway, this may seem totally obvious to some reading this and to

many they may be able to glean more from this and realize some

powerful insights that can help them to improve their lives.

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