Top 4 Pdf Conversion Tools

Have you been looking for a PDF converter for some time now? Couldn’t nearly make up your mind? A PDF conversion tool converts all kinds of files, for example a jpg to pdf and vice versa. Put simply, a PDF file converter makes your office work easier. But finding which one would be the best for you is not easy.

Here are some details about the top 4 PDF conversion tools.

  1. Nuance Power PDF Converter: This PDF converter helps you to make changes and also fill PDF forms. One of the most unique features of the tool is surely its speech recognition capacity. This cutting-edge tool allows you to take voice notes as well. You can also view and compare files with the Nuance wonder. No wonder, it’s one of the top favourites in the PDF converter market today.
  2. Soda PDF Pro: This software allows you to view and convert all files formats like HTML, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, TXT to PDF and vice versa. It also helps you to create PDF for Microsoft Office documents, be it blank files or any existing files.
  3. PDF Converter Pro: This PDF conversion tool was built specifically for PDF conversion. It can convert your PDF to any format like Word, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT and HTML. Also this software allows you to do partial conversions. You get an option to choose the pages you want to convert or you can even go for bulk conversion. PDF Converter Pro also has a very user friendly interface which operation a breeze for any user.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Standard DC: One of the most highly acclaimed software programs, Adode has earned rave reviews for both high quality and reliability. The best part about it is that it allows you to do multiple edits in your PDF file. It helps you to convert PDF files to other document formats and vice versa. Besides, Adobe always assures optimum security.