Gantt Charts Do Not Work. Why?

Although Gantt chart has a lot of benefits to the users in the business in impressing others, there are a lot of disadvantages associated to it now-a- days. The major defect that the chart upholds is its nature of reflecting the guesswork at its worst. When all the proved data of the past are represented in a positive way to impress others in a business scenario, the hope and estimation of the management are portrayed in an un-impressing way. The amount of time required to devote oneself into the making of the chart also made the impossibility of Gantt in the modern business. As this chart distinct from any other form of chart, need a lot of time to keep it up-to-date in order to analyze the data mentioned. Without comparison of the data, there would be no use of the chart made. The commitment of the individual and management need to be there to maintain the chart.

What are the components that contribute to the absence of Gantt charts in modern business?

  • The discouraging nature of Gantt chart in terms of change is one of the significant element that demotivates the use of it by the businessmen.
  • Regular commitment and attention of the people concerned need to be given to the chart without fail. Constant devotion on the single chart seems to be time consuming for the business. And the frailty of the chart without regular attention is another component that discourages people choosing the method of Gantt
  • In order to keep the information updated, all the team members need to be in dependence. There would be no independence among the members concerning the chart making.

Other crucial particle that adds to the not choosing Gantt is the inability of the chart to show the experience, learning, hope, optimism of the team. The usage of paper in making the chart may take a lot in its rough work and re-making to a condition it is presentable.