Cognitive Benefits of playing Computer Games

In today’s world, it is a difficult task to find a house without any other console or computer. Both adults and children spend a lot of time playing computer games. Computer Games are thought by people not just a way to entertain themselves but also a way to relax their mind. Just contradictory to the traditional behaviour of computer games being addictive sources of entertainment and distraction, computer games play a relevant part in improving skill point of a person.

What are Computer Games?

Computer Games are basically media games that can be played on your PC. These games can be played offline with some CD or DVD or online through web access.

What are the various advantages?

  • Improving Coordination: While playing a computer game the person not only stares at the computer actively but also takes decisions in response to various actions. These activities improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Improving mental skills: Most of the games are based on decision making and skill improvement. All these games help in building mental consciousness.
  • Enhances Multi-tasking skills: Playing a computer game requires moving joystick or keys for various actions in the game. This subsequently enhances multi-tasking skills.
  • Promoting Team Work: The various online computer games are based on team play and henceforth build group work ethic in players.
  • Increases Self-Esteem: The multiple games that offer rewards and positions improve self-esteem in players. Also, people gain confidence after winning.
  • Social-Interactions: The various online computer games help people in winning new social friends and improve social behaviour. The release of multiplayer games has led to this benefit of computer games.

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