Particulars about Weed Wackers

In the early year of 1970, a man named George Ballas from Houston, Texas formulate an idea of inventing of a string strimmer getting the idea from an action of brushes cleaning in an automatic car wash. The first one was made out of pieces of a fishing attached to an edger. This was then developed by Ballas into a “weed eater” as what he calls since it munch up weeds and grass along the trees.

A weed wacker has different names. It can be called as a string trimmer, weed-whip, whipper-snipper, or weed eater. In Australia and New Zealand, it was called a line trimmer while in UK and Ireland, it was known as strimmer. Even with all those different names, it is all the same as it is all have the same purpose. A weed wacker is a tool for cutting grasses and weeds on your yard which uses a monofilament fishing line or mono for short instead of using blades. At the very end of a shaft with a handle attached to it, a cutting tip can be found.

However, this invention had been reported as one of the sources of an environmental pollution as the string was continuously cut into smaller pieces called microplasic. It is also said that a string strimmer can be dangerous as it can be. They can cause some rubbish, rocks and stones to fly in different directions which resulted for the user to wear either a vizor or safety glasses while using it. This is for the users to protect their eyes or anything part of their face. Unfortunately, this kind of safety precaution is only for ourselves and does not include the people around us like nearby persons or passerby. Debris and other things that will be flying can also caused damages to some property such as car, windows, or buildings.

With all those safety concerns, one cannot removed the fact that a string trimmer benefited us fron clearing our lawn. But every user should remember that they should always find the appropriate and best weed wacker for them to fully enjoy of using the tool.