Tips For Battery Preservation During Rainy Season

In some countries they have this so called tropical climate which has only two seasons; the wet and dry seasons. If I’m not mistaken the dry seasons always happen from February to June and half of the months are wet seasons but it is not always at the exact months sometimes it changes but most likely those are the schedule seasons of the year. So when it comes to rainy seasons, there are a lot that we are prohibited to do most especially when there are certain months that you will experience typhoons it can be really unpredictable that’s why we have to be ready about it for people who are living in tropical areas, one concern that will alarm for some is the preservation of their car batteries. We all know that car is an essential non-living thing in this world, we use it when we go grocery shopping, going to special events or a visit to the doctor. When you’re already aware that rainy season is coming better be prepared by it, here’s how.

  1. Signs of corrosion on your car battery. Based on the article that I’ve read, the battery is composed of acids which can easily evaporate and will lead to leaking. If there’s a powdery like matter around the terminal of the battery that will definitely cause a battery corrosion in order to prevent that cleaning the battery terminals should be done often. In addition, placing moisture proof packets round the terminals would also be helpful.
  2. Clean the battery. Cleaning the battery properly is the simplest yet effective to prevent from having battery troubles. Unused toothbrush or contact point cleaner and distilled water will do the trick.
  3. Screw the terminals tightly. A loose grip won’t do when it comes to battery terminals, if you have to check if you have tightly screwed this way it will prevent you from having battery corrosion that will end up evaporating rapidly. (For battery replacements, you can purchase from Car Battery Replacement in Singapore)