Where Did Dell’s User Manuals Go?

The death and rebirth of user manuals

Before, when you purchase a piece of technology, a comprehensive user manual usually comes with it. It’s your go-to piece whenever your device starts acting up. It also serves as the manufacturer’s chance to communicate what the engineers, designers and marketers had in mind when they made the device.

However, manufacturers noticed that customers never really read these user manuals. And since printing and binding these takes time and money – manufacturers started to stop including them in purchased electronics.

As time went by, physical user manuals began disappearing from our device boxes. Nowadays, manufacturers would just include a quick start guide inside the box whenever you purchase any electronic device and will make the user manual available online should you need to access it.

Dell as one of the biggest laptop brands

Dell has been known for their superb computers and accessories. They are arguably one of the most popular laptop brands out in the market, accounting for about 15% of PC’s shipped worldwide by the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Like any other manufacturers, Dell used to include a comprehensive user manual with every box of computer they sell. Usually, this manual is all that you need in order to familiarize yourself with how the computer works, what its features are, and basic troubleshooting should you run across a problem while using their computers.

But as the volume demand rises, the cost for printing Dell manuals went with it too. And since it has been revealed that most users who purchase their computer does not really read the user manual, they started to stop printing those and started to shift the availability of the user manuals online.

If you’re currently using a Dell computer and you want to familiarize yourself with all the features this exceptional has, or you have questions on how to troubleshoot basic problems, you can easily access their user manuals in their websites. It is readily available in PDF format and contains pretty everything one needs to know about Dell computers.