Why Are Video Game Statements Necessary?

Video game statements – what are they for?

Imagine, you go to a video game store in search for that new game that you plan to spend countless hours with. You look at the shelf and see this mountain stack of video games to choose from. How will you decide which one to pick?

One by one, you inspect the games. After carefully reading the short text at the back of most game cases, you’ve finally come to a decision on which one you will want to bring home. You go to the counter, make the payment and head home, feeling that satisfaction of finding the right game for you to connect with.

That’s how important a video game concept statement is. It is the game’s first introduction to players and audience. A game concept statement has to embody the game as a whole and give potential players an idea of what is in store for them should they decide to get the game.

How to write an effective video game statement

In order to be effective, game concept statements must be carefully in a way that it gives readers and players a sense for the game. It should be able to explain what the goal of the game is, along with the challenges the player might encounter during gameplay.

Marketing jargons should be avoided as it may look like developers are hard-selling the game to consumers. There are other things that should at least be avoided in writing up a game statement like platforms the game is available in, programming details, false and/or illegal promotion such as Fortnite skin hack promos, and such.

Take Fortnite’s statement for example. It’s a brief description of how the game is played, the setting and atmosphere and the player’s goal. It may have mentioned the platforms the game is available in but at least it didn’t have any marketing spiels, let alone the mention of Fortnite V-bucks hack, to entice players to get the game.