Magazine Maker vs Hopper Fed – Which is Better


Having a suitable weapon will certainly help you gain a victory in paintball. You might choose the most appropriate ones according to your needs and skills. However, you should always have an additional gun if anything unexpected happens with your primary weapon. There are two interesting models of this type. Magazin Marker and Hopper Fed are their names.

Good for Camouflage

The ongoing debate on their quality and specifications makes of the two serious rivals. Players usually love the magazine because it is a low profile gun ideal for different types of camouflage. The movements of the shooter are hardly visible that way, which is an excellent thing when it comes to avoiding detection of the shooter’s position. On the other hand, the hopper is not so efficient to hide the shooter’s position.

Interesting Characteristics

On the contrary, you will most likely disclose your location while using that gun. That’s not something fully desirable, so the maker has an advantage thanks to that issue. The magazine is typically better positioned a little bit below and behind the gun. The hopper, on the other hand, is slightly lifted up which help your opponents to notice the gun and respond to your fire. No one loves to be discovered in this game because it can lead to elimination.


So it is no hard to conclude that Magazin maker is the first choice when it comes to the comparison between the two models. Players have a chance to undetectably eliminate opponents which can lead them to serious success and even gaining a victory in the game.

Both guns are good for the military style of fighting and are often used in combination with thy same type of equipment as well as military uniforms. The hopper, however, is simple and easy to use which makes it suitable for complete beginners. For more details on how to Get Real Paintball, you can visit: