Drawing A Cat In Ibis Paint X Is Easier Than You Think

The Ibis Paint X is one of the best apps any artist can get. It lets you create artworks  at the palms of your hand, anywhere or anytime. Unfortunately, many people think using it is hard. Well, that’s what we’ll  prove otherwise in this article as we’ll show you how easy it is to draw even a complicated cat in this app.

Step #1

The first thing you need to do is to get the app. It’s titled Ibis Paint X. Buy the full version so you get all the features. Open it and head right straight into the gallery. Click the + symbol found in the bottom right side. This brings you to the screen.

Step #2

Then choose a background color you like. Add various colors to it using its smudge tool. This way, you can blend it in. You can then drag your finger around and tap the button. Move more so that it blends better.

Step #3

Now, it’s time for you to lay out your cat’s sketch. Create a simple half line body and start adding lines to it. Take note, though, to not use full black or full white as it’ll mess up the art.

Step #4

Then use the smudge tool. You need this to smear the fur until its texture becomes a but silky. Also be careful to not use the big or small brush. Instead, use the fifty size to smudge it down. You can also add a brighter color by scattering it around and blurring it after. Feel free to store it in the empty spots. You can check here to know more about the scattering strategies.

Step #5

Add your scars and markings. The light source should be directed to where the cat is facing. This way, you can make the other side a bit darker than the opposite side. You can use white and black or perhaps feel creative with another layer.

Step #6

After which, start with the eyes and nose. Be careful because these are the parts which can easily be ruined by a slight error.

Step #7

Review it and polish it even more. Then you’re done!