El Chapo Trial – What You Must Be Aware Of?

Criminal cases have always been exciting and people do eagerly wait regarding the trial results. We can easily take the fine example of El Chapo case which is handled by the famous defense lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman but still judges have the drug mafia leader being guilty. It is a happy news for the government especially. El Chapo has been involved in more than 150 murders and spreading a wide range of drugs in USA and Mexico. Being guilty, now EL Chapo will serve rest of life in the prison.

A Huge Win

Without any doubt, the end result of El Chapo trial is a huge win for the all people who don’t desire to live in the world where drugs have a huge hold. The trial has taken many weeks and the outcome has been delayed many a times. Still the end result is pleasing but we still need to appreciate the effort and relentless approach being followed by Jeffrey Lichtman and his 3 more partner lawyers.

No Hurt to Drug Market

According to the experts, even this particular verdict on El Chapo will not have any negative impact on the drugs market. Already, sons of El Chapo have taken the control and they are flourishing the business at rapid pace. It is basically the lack of strong political will that is resulting in continuous failure. There are many strong politicians which are being part of this particular drug market and they are protecting these wrong persons. However, things will certainly change a bit after success trial of El Chapo trial but desired results are still at a long distance.

There is still plenty to know about El Chapo case and interested candidates need to check out some quality online sources to gather deep information.