Inspiring Movies To Binge Watch This Winters – Here’ Our Top 8 Pick

No time of the year is better than the winter months and it’s considered to be the best time for some crazy movie nights as the sun sets early and making the right mood for watching movies with friends, family or just alone. Here’s our top 8 inspirational movies list to watch this winter’s streaming on PF  TV

  1. Coco

Coco is one of the greatest animated movies of Pixars. It’s a movie full of passion to pursue one’s dream despite of all the hindrance coming all the way, Miguel, the 12 year old boy, pursues his love for singing in spite of his family’s ban and in the midst of all these chaos he lands up into the Land of the Dead where he learns about his great-great-grandfather who was a legendary singer.

  1. The Shawshank Redemption

Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for killing his wife and his lover although he did not committed the crime. In his stay in the prison, he forms a friendship with Red (Morgan Freeman) and later escapes the prison.

  1. The Pursuit Of Happiness

The film is adapted from a real life story of father and son struggling without a shelter and surviving homelessness with the hope of having a better life. The role of father and son is played by Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith in this inspirational feel-good movie.

  1. The Karate Kid

After moving to China, the 12 year old Dre Parker found himself in and unknown world surrounded by strangers all around. When Dre was being bullied by his school mate Cheng, Mr. Han, saved him and later teaches him Kung Fu in order to make him ready for the ultimate fight for Karate competition.

  1. Money Ball

This movie shows how entrepreneurs can take an innovative approach to an existing way of doing business and beat out the competition with little or no money at all.

  1. The Godfather

This movie shows the ultimate struggle of a family to grow and expand its business by fighting off the opposition until everything changes and their business becomes the largest crime syndicate in NYC.

  1. Rocky

Rocky Balboa, the character played by Sylvester Stallone, is given a lifetime opportunity to change his fate for a better life by fighting for the Heavyweight Championship.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life

Dissatisfied with his life, George Pratt contemplates suicide. As he stands on a bridge on Christmas Eve 1943, he was rescued by a Guardian Angel and he relives his life in a flashback.