Which Pc Games Can Be Run On 2gb Ram Pc?

Several PC games are present, which can be played on 2gb ram PC. Generally, people think that there is no good game, which can be enjoyed on a personal computer. However, there is nothing like this because there are many options. If you want to know about these options, then read the upcoming paragraphs. I am going to give a brief description of those games, which can be easily played with 2gb ram.


Bastion is an action game developed by Supergiant Games. The players can enjoy the lush green environment in the world, which is completely filled with the deep story and artwork of hand painted. The player basically starts as a kid and restoring Bastion is the only hope of player. Well, if we talk about Bastion, then it is a place, where everyone tends to go in order to do a few things, which go wrong.

Don’t Starve

This survival game has different amazing features and 먹튀 is too easy. The developer of this game is Klei Entertainment. In this, the players can pick one character from several different options. Basically, each character has some different qualities, and when it comes to the main aim of the players, then it is surviving. The players can feel more immersive and real because of amazing graphics as well as sound system.

If we talk about the art style, then it is 2D and dark, which is properly set in a 3D world. There is also a rich crafting system which is based on two different aspects, magic, and science. The player is all need to collect all resources before the night time. During this, they will find some horrors. In case, the player doesn’t have any torch; then it is not possible to live.