How To Get On A Spotify Playlist

There has been an immediate rise of promotion companies for playlists on various music streaming platforms, Spotify being one of the most noticeable ones.

With the decline of traditional sources of income like sales of CDs and radio deals, an artist has to look for newer and more targeted ways to earn something out of their music.

With complete metamorphosis of music industries and revenue sources associated, digitization of music has resulted in streaming of music becoming a popular front for revenue.

But the road ahead is dark, full of opportunities and threat. To overcome all these obstacles, one needs to be very targeted and methodical in their approach.

Most popular channel for streaming of music is Spotify. It has been found that songs listed on Spotify playlists see very organic growth and a spike in a number of listeners.

So the new and emerging artists try to garner attention by promoting their songs by making their own playlists on Spotify. A big chunk of people hires third-party persons to do this job for them. These people strive to get an artist’s songs listed on Spotify playlist which results in more popularity for the singer.

The Perk line

It doesn’t yet violate any rules in the rule book, so playlist growth providers have a field time exploiting this grey area. Spotify hasn’t yet formulated any rules for regulating companies who promise more viewership for money. However, the way these views are consolidated can be a real red light for authorities concerned. Real repercussions can befall for your track if these are caught. To be counted as a view, your track has to be played for at least 35 seconds by a viewer. The way these companies try to gain more views is through the use of bots. Bots are individuals contracted by the playlist view growth managers to get compensated for viewing a video.

How to hire a good Spotify playlist promotion company?

Weed out the malicious ones:

If a company doesn’t even want to hear your songs before agreeing to work for you, there is something shady about them. Pull the plug on this deal. It very well could be that a malicious company may listen to your song just for that sole reason, so still be careful even if a company passes this test.

The spotify artist promotion should be an organic process brought on by legitimate hard work and legitimate companies. Enjoy streaming!