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It’s always convenient to live in the central areas of a popular city but the only drawback of choosing a home in such cities is that you do not have a lot of greenery around you and if you are a nature lover who would love to be surrounded by beautiful trees then investing in the JadeScape condos is something that you should consider doing. While this site is centrally located, most of the portion of the site is going to be converted into botanical gardens. Not only will this be a unique construction but also one that is lush green, soothing to look at and cool at all times.

There are over 400 flats that you can choose from here. The construction site will have a residential as well as commercial complex which means the scope of finding a job in the same complex also increases. There is an MRT station that is minutes away from the site. You can walk to the station and travel to any part of the city from there. There are schools, colleges, shopping malls and grocery stores that surround the area.

Everyone loves to lead a healthy life and by purchasing a JadeScape condo you can live a very healthy life. One of the best things about this condo site is that there are a number of office buildings and corporate offices coming up in the vicinity. This means that you can switch to a job at one of these places and you will be able to walk to and from work on a daily basis. This will not only save you time and money on transportation, it will also help you to lead a very healthy life considering you are getting your daily walks. One of the best things about this condo site is that it is not very clustered. Everything is close by however they have their own space.